Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Plea for Help

Ever get started looking for one little thing, and then you find a great forum, and then BOOM all of a sudden it is 3am and you still don't know if you can move your strawberries or how to do it, but you have about 8,000 new ideas for your garden and the wheels are turning because you're trying to think of where you can put this great new thing you just HAVE to grow?

Um, so it happened to me. OK, it's happened to me a lot. And it happened again last night. Sigh.

Anyway, in the week and a half since I last posted, a lot of stuff has started coming up and making itself known in the garden. Other stuff...not so much. I am doing a square foot gardening (kinda) thing, and still have two completely empty boxes, which is especially good since I always SUCK at succession planting and this way I will have some space to play around at the end of summer.

So here's the stuff I have questions on:
1) I gather that I cannot move my strawberries now (just planted them last year). However, is it okay for me to pluck out some of the daughter plants/runners that have rooted to transfer to a pyramid box set-up I'm building?

2) And if so....with the strawberry pyramid set up, I get the nesting doll thing with the box sizes. But do I fill the WHOLE bottom box with soil/compost/sand mix and then put the next box on top? I feel like that is wasting all that soil under the second box. I can't find a straight answer.

3) Is there a chance that the sunflower seeds I meticulously harvested from my rockin' flowers last summer/fall won't take this year? I planted a bunch today, and am now in fear that they won't grow for whatever reason and I'll be sunflower-less. I guess I can wait and see, but wonder if there are any odds for that kind of thing.

4) Our birdfeeder is currently right in the garden. We can move it with some effort, if we need to. Will the bird poop adversely affect the soil/plants? what about the leftover seed/feed that spills out? Just wonder if I need to move it for the benefit of the garden.

5) I want to start a compost pile. I'm thinking in the back of the yard, by the fence and the garden. I'm wondering if compost piles smell really bad. I know, I know, logic would dictate that they do. But just curious. I want it close to the garden, but don't want to have a stinky pile of compost spoiling my fake nature retreat.

6) Everyone's lilacs are blooming in town, except for mine. WTF? It is really annoying me as I cruise through town and smell the blooms, see everyone's pretty purple and white flowers, and come home to my shriveled looking whatever the heck is on there. Picture below, let me know if anyone has any insight.

Overview of them behind the swing. There are 4 bushes total.

Close up of the "blooms" - are they just not ready to burst open yet? Or is there something going on here?

Ditto to the above caption.

7) My raspberry canes, planted last summer, multiplied over the fall/spring. I pulled out a ton of the little scraggly ones, but some of the sturdier, thicker ones I have left. Will these become regular canes and produce fruit? The stalks aren't wood-like yet, like the canes I planted last year, but I am thinking this is just how these things work, right?


OK, so if anyone has any insight of any of these questions, I'd appreciate it!



Anonymous said...

1) Yeah, go ahead and transplant a couple of starts with as many roots as you can move.

2)It depends on the setup, but yes fill the bottom one with soil (it is a waste)so that the one that goes on top has something to rest on.

3)Look around the garden, birds & squirrels maybe dropped some seeds and you have some growing now. I have about 20 starts from sunflowers that self-seeded in my garden right now. If not go out and get some seeds now that the weather has warmed up and plant some now. Especially now that they are discounted or on sale. I saw Dollar Tree has seed packs 10 for 1.00.

5) Yeah, they smell but not that bad and mostly during the REALLY hot days of summer. But not worse than your average alley with garbage cans and all that.

6) Have they bloomed already? I'm replying about a month late so I don't know but generally not everything will bloom at the same time around a neighborhood. Things like water, sun and microclimates affect plants. When a plant doesn't bloom because something is wrong then you'll see signs of disease or pests, only worry then.

7)It depends, they may be suckers and suckers never mature they just "suck" the energy from the main stems, trunks

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