Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garden thus far...

So I've been taking advantage of the great weather we've been getting around here and planting some goodies in the garden.

I built a small cold frame using old windows and spare boards we had in the garage. Imagine my excitement as my little seedlings from my "Ghetto Greenhouses" made their way into the cold frame!! Imagine my joy as they seemed to be in the right place, some sunshine glowing in there, a little moisture building up!! Imagine my sorrow when I realized that I didn't pop it open on a warm day or two, and everything in there ROASTED. Sigh.

Also, a bunch of the seeds planted in ghetto greenhouses didn't sprout. Another sigh.

BUT...that's why we have garden centers with people you like running the show. Even though I now feel like a cheater. And even though I put in a lot of effort on those babies. Oh well. We will still have produce this season, by hook or by crook, and I planted a bunch of seeds directly into the garden boxes.

Also, I am giving the "Square Foot Gardening" method a whirl, but with some modifications. I built all the boxes and grids. Went out to buy the materials for the "Mel's Mix" and realized I'd have to sell my first born to fill every box with it, so I poked around on the internet and came up with some alternatives for Mel's Mix using compost, soil, some peat moss, and ran with it. Fingers crossed that it'll work out well enough.'s the play by play on what is planted. Frankly, I am just so damn excited to see GREEN happening all over the yard, I'm in a great mood every time I walk out there!!

Overview of the garden area (aka the back third of the yard)
Lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, rapini, broccolini
Chives & garlic chives in the mini-barrel, peas, beans, lettuce
Tomatoes, peppers (hot and bell), bush beans
Middle left - onions, leeks, celery, tomatoes. Middle middle - cucumbers. Back row - empty. Smaller box to the left - potatoes. Herbs in the pots (rosemary, thyme, parsley, lavender).
Raspberries and hyacinths (which blossomed today and smell amazing! And the cold frame of doom.
Strawberry patch. I'm building a pyramid box, and am unsure if I can move them at this stage or if I have to wait until next season? Thoughts?
Cherry Tree!!! and butterfly garden in the background.
I think this is the salvia from last year. And I planted a few snapdragons to get some color in there now.
Lilacs are nice and green, can't wait for them to blossom so I can smell them as I lounge on my swing!

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