Sunday, June 14, 2009

Garden pics - June 14th

Here's some pics from today showing the garden progress this season...

Following are the issues I'm facing and concerns:

1) Cauliflower has a black weirdness on top of the head. Looks like dirt/dust, but doesn't wipe off easily
2) Mini-roses have black spots on the leaves. I'm actually not too concerned about that
3) Honeysuckle smells great, but isn't really filling out/growing as much as I had hoped
4) We had one little hot pepper, and something swiped it/ate it. Our peppers in the same box as tomatoes seem to be slow to grow, and I realize they have huge tomato plants in the next row, but the tomatoes are at the north end of the box
5) The compost heap...Sigh. I need to get cracking on this, closing it off and really dedicating myself to it and getting it going
6)Corn is already knee high, and it isn't July! Just waiting for it to bring some horrible pests to the garden at large
7) Our herbs are not taking off as well as they have in the past. I guess when a 70 degree high is a HOT day in June, it could stump some of our herbs, but I really thought I'd have a ridiculous amount of basil by now. Not so much
8) Does anyone know where I can find the widget-or-whatever-you-call-it that tracks how much produce you're harvesting throughout the season?

Harvested almost 2 pounds of lettuce today, and half a pound of strawberries (awesome in comparison to the fact that we yielded about 3 strawberries - TOTAL - in 2008).

A friend of ours gave me a new water canning pot and a case of mason jars and lids to prepare me for the fall harvest and canning season. I'm going to be making some sauce this week to jam through the rest of the tomatoes I canned last summer.

How does YOUR garden grow???

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I marked off my little area in the back of the yard/garden for where I'm going to put the compost pile. But I haven't yet put up the pallets for walls. Which I think I need to do lest critters come about to nibble on our fruit remnants.

And I didn't yet purchase my kitchen composter, but decided to start collecting anyway. So whenever I'm cutting fruit, cracking eggs, or peeling potatoes, I toss the remains into a flower vase that has been sitting on the kitchen counter for a month (I had flowers in it, at some point...Mothers Day maybe? and I washed it, and never got around to bringing it downstairs to put away). I should snap a pic of my hillbilly kitchen composter, filled to the brim with stuff. So far, no fruit flies or stink, so I'll go with it. I do enjoy that there's some sweet nasty liquid at the bottom!

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