Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mid-June Garden


So far, here's some of the tasty treats we've been enjoying from the garden:

Romaine Lettuce - TONS! Also Butterleaf Lettuce. Lots of tasty salads with dressings from the herb garden. YUM!
OK. So I don't like radishes. BUT I had seeds, gave it a whirl. LOVED how they came up - peekaboo style - after I had totally forgotten what was planted there. Thankfully, Michael loves them with a little salt as a snack. SUCCESS!
Strawberries! My favorite thing about having a home garden is picking raspberries and strawberries and just eating them as I walk through the yard. I find it a very very sad statement that my kids sometimes get weirded out by garden strawberries because they are "soft" in comparison to grocery store strawberries. How far removed from our food sources we have become...

Broccoli - yum. Brought it in and blanched it straightaway so half the cooking effort would be done already.

Li'l Cherry Tree is producing delicious fruit. Can't wait until it is cranking out the cherries!
More strawberries. YUM! I say. YUM!
Sugar Snap Peas (left) and regular ol' peas (right)

Early June Garden

Garden slideshow from June 3rd...Everything's going gangbusters!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mid May Garden

Mid May Garden

Early May Garden

Early May Garden

April Garden

April 10

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